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We offer a wide range of Smoke Vent Systems for various applications. As well as bespoke smoke vent systems and services, we also support a range of standardised modular systems designed to fit higher-risk residential buildings (HRRBs) within a predefined scope.

Natural Smoke Control

Mechanical Smoke Control

Natural Smoke Control

We offer a full range of Natural Smoke Vent Systems for all construction sectors and can design, engineer, install, commission, and maintain through our specialist contracting division. In addition, we have a unique range of standardised solutions for common applications available through our approved installer network.

Mechanical Smoke Control

We offer a full range of Mechanical Smoke Ventilation Systems for application in all construction sectors. We offer design, engineering, installation, commissioning, and maintenance services through our Specialist Contracting Division. Additionally, our unique range of MSVS products is available through our Online Shop and our Approved Contractor Network.

Purpose of Smoke Control

Smoke control is provided in residential buildings for two main reasons:

To ensure the stairways remain relatively free from
smoke and heat in the event of a fire within a dwelling
to enable occupants of the building to escape safely.
In tall buildings (with a floor over 18m high) to assist
firefighters in gaining access to fight the fire from inside the building. In commercial buildings there is a requirement for a dedicated firefighting lobby, however for residential buildings the access lobby between the apartment and stair serves this purpose and a fire fighting lobby is not needed.

A secondary purpose of the system may be to provide background ventilation to evacuate heat from common lobbies and stairwells. These objectives are achieved by some form of smoke control within the common lobby connecting the apartments to the stairs to ventilate any smoke escaping from the apartment on fire and so protect the stairs.

Building in full flaming inferno

Rules and regulations

The Building Regulations (or equivalent outside England and Wales) must be complied with, specifically Approved Document B, which relates to fire safety. The other standards of relevance are the European EN12101 series relating to products for smoke and heat ventilation systems, and BS 9991:2015 Fire safety in the design, management and use of residential buildings.

Why Choose Gallico Systems?

Our engineers are fully qualified and experienced to design, install, commission, service and maintain all types of fire safety systems. We are BAFE and Part P registered and approved for fire detection and alarm system design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance. We are also members of the Fire Industry Association, demonstrating our commitment to upholding the highest standards in the industry.

At Gallico Systems, we understand the importance of reliable fire safety services, which is why we offer flexible service schedules tailored to your needs. Our engineers are available for routine maintenance visits as well as emergency callouts 24/7, ensuring your fire safety systems are always in good working order.

Don’t take chances with fire safety – trust Gallico Systems for reliable and cost-effective fire safety services. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or request a quote.

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Don’t take chances with fire safety – trust Gallico Systems for reliable fire safety services.